St Omer 
Rue de Calais & boulevard de strasbourg pre-1914 rue de calais & boulevard de strasbourg today 
Boulevard de Strasbourg (above)
at junction with Rue de Calais
The roof of the garage has changed but little else has.
Rue de Calais (right) 304 Coy ASC (35 DSC)
were based in Rue de Calais in December 1918.
rue de calais today
Rue henri dupuis and cathedra pre-1914  Rue henri dupuis and cathedral today 
Rue Henri Dupois

GHQ were housed in No.15 (right)
in November 1914.

Much of the road looks the same today as a century ago
except for the modern IBIS hotel on the left
which has the archway as its main entrance.
15 rue henri dupuis house that was GHQ 1914 
caserne de la Barre pre-1914 children playing  caserne de la barre today 
Caserne de la Barre, Rue Henri Filleul.
Now The Esplanade.
Army School of Instruction from 1916.
The building has been renovated keeping the outside
 original and is now luxury appartments.
Place victor hugo with pedestrians pre-1914 place victor hugo today
La Place Victor Hugo
GHQ Intelligence Section established themselves
in one of these buildings in 1914.
Little has changed in 100 years except for
motor cars replacing horse transport.
The grand building overlooking the square is now
a branch of BNB Paribas bank.
canal with swing bridge pre-1914 canal with swing bridge toady looks same as pre-1914
Quai du Haut-Pont
Le Pont Rouge

The waterways around St Omer were of great importance
throughout the war being used to support
the railways in transporting stores of all descriptions
into the town for the large British population
and onward transmission to the Ypres Salient and to
ferry the sick and wounded away from the town's hospitals.
Little has changed in the century between the images.
The scene is looking away from the town and is
approximately 500 metres from the railway station,
itself a large and important railhead.

The bridge swivels on the central pillar to allow the
passage of barges along the canal.
St Omer Rue Bertin 1900 St Omer Rue Bertin 2019
St Omer rue Bertin top 1900 St Omer rue Bertin top 2019
Rue Saint-Bertin

The Army Post Office was based in

14 Rue Saint-Bertin (right)

before moving to Place Sithieu (below)
in 1918
14 rue st bertin army post office 1918
st omer place sithieu 1900 St omer place sithieu army post office
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