The heaviest bus ever built?

Fifteen Scammell Contractors with a 21'8" wheelbase and GVW of 240 tons were supplied to South African State Railways in the mid-1960's. Powered by the Cummins NH220, 212bhp diesel engine, they were bodied in South Africa for passenger and light goods carriage in mountainous regions.


When the warehouse is built at ground level and the door is too low, just dig a hole, instal a lift and the job's a good'un.

Unusual dock-leveller found in Northern France.


Triple deck trailer for hauling Hoover Electric Washing Machines in the 1950's.

Operated by Hoover and B.R.S. in Hoover livery, loading of the upper decks was achieved by lowering the trailer on a lift, similar to the above, at Hoover's Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales works.